Customized POS Software

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While we strive to provide point of sale solutions that are flexible enough to meet the needs of 95% of our customers, with the diversity of retail businesses, we understand that there are specialized needs that a general system will not be able to meet on its own.

Although many customer feature requests end up in the core Imidus program, sometimes users require a more immediate solution or a feature that is so business specific that it would not apply to other customers and so it will never be incorporated into the program. So we also provide custom programming solutions that include Imidus customization, stand-alone program development, and web programming.



Full Customization Ready

It was a challenge for the designers. Because now their worked has almost doubled. They started to making their POS on desktop and re-designing most of their POS components for mobile. But results were very pleasing. The content has become easy to display on mobile.

Customized POS Software

Some of the past customization has included:

  • Tracking rental items check in/check out status
  • Posting sales information to an external file outside of Imidus
  • Customizing reports
  • Customizing receipts
  • Printing specialized customer cards or IDs
  • Allowing multiple customers to be associated with a sale
  • Printing custom labels to a specialized printer on custom label stock (plastic, card stock, wristbands, etc.)
  • Creating a Special Order Tracking System that allows users to access information across the web.


Customization = User Friendly

Like all of our standard point of sale software solutions we can provide customized solutions for an affordable price. If you don’t see what you need in any of our program offerings, please call, fax, or e-mail us for a quote at


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